Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Uniqueness Of Metal Business Cards

Metal Cards Are More Visually Exciting

Think about what happens when someone gives you a stock paper card. It usually is filed into your purse or wallet, with a hundred other cards. It may go into a file box, if you are that organized, lost in an ocean of other white paper business cards. There really is nothing distinctive about a paper business card.

Metal cards, on the other hand, are visually exotic. They display eye-popping bold colors that can get your company brand and logo noticed as soon as they reach the hand of the recipient. Just by virtue of being made of metal, they say something about your company – that you care enough to offer the very best in quality.

Metal Cards Are More Durable

Paper cards don't last very long. The edges become frayed and the cards themselves get bent or torn. You want your customers to have something durable from you that they can hold onto and use for a very long time to come. Choose the metal of your choice, such as stainless steel, copper or brass metal cards. Unique display finishes such as frosted and brush are available upon request.

Black Metal Cards Are Powerful

The color black is a power color. In interior design, it is used as a bold neutral against which other colors are contrasted. Black as a background makes other lighter colors stand out. Select a black velvet or high gloss finish to denote a true mark of luxury. You can even choose a custom shape for your black metal cards to make them even more memorable.

Black metal business cards are one extremely stylish way that you can advertise your business to others. That's the reason why some of the world's most famous companies have chosen to use them.

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